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Historical Magdalena Plaza

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The town of Magdalena is relatively young, as compared to other towns in Laguna, being formed only in 1820, carved from the town of Majayjay. The plaza complex during the Spanish regime in the typical volonial settlement prescribed by the Spanish in the Philippines. Called “pueblo,” the plaza is the center of social and religious activities. In the plaza, the government house or municipio, is found, the church and houses of the citizens of the upper class are also clustered within its vicinity.

The plaza of Magdalena is unique in Laguna as it preserves the original design of wide-open expanse of Philippine colonial era. The municipio is actually an original American-era structure. The Catholic church is being preserved for its original Spanish colonial design.

There are monuments for the national hero, Jose Rizal, the Katipunan general Emilio Jacinto, and a WWII veterans monument.

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