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Casa Arambulo

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The house was built in the 1820’s and originally owned by the couple Arcadio Arambulo and Rosa Manguerra. Arcadio was the gobernadorcillo (today’s equivalent of mayor) of Santa Rosa in 1859-1860 and in 1869-1870. During his first term the Santa Rosa stone arch and Casa Hacienda were built.

Arcadio’s son, Francisco M. Arambulo, who married Dominga Gomez, became capitan municipal in 1890-1894, then presidente municipal. He was one of the signatories of the June 12, 1898 Philippine Independence Proclamation. His historical role was recognized by Santa Rosa in 1998, during the 100th anniversary of the Philippine Declaration of Independence. Francisco’s son, Francisco G. Arambulo, who married Lucia Muldes (former Miss Santa Rosa), was designated mayor of Santa Rosa by President Manuel A. Roxas in 1946.

The house, with the preservation effort of the Arambulos, still retains its Spanish colonial design.

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